Engrish – Take 1

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I’ve enjoyed posts from other blogs that highlight Engrish signs, notes, etc… so figured I should help share some of the fun Engrish we’ve seen the first few weeks while galavanting about Beijing.  To start, here is a notice at the breakfast served here at our furnished apartment we are currently at:

Please don't take over the food!!!

They are very protective of their food – don’t want any outsiders taking it over ;)  This next one we saw along the street not far from where we are living:

Put your clothes on light!

Yup, all lights must have clothes in Beijing!  Jill had already posted this one, but just to include it in this Engrish post for your enjoyement, here is the wonderful wheat smell breakfast:

Yummy, wheat smell breakfast!

Last (for this post anyhow), I’d like to share something I ran across yesterday afternoon while at a “Temple Fair” (庙会) in Beijing.  These Temple Fairs held at Buddhist Temples remind me of county fairs back in the U.S. minus the carnival rides.  They do have all the rigged games though, where it is next to impossible to win that large stuffed animal.  To play these games though you first have to purchase tokens, and are confronted with this sign at the token booth:

So, that will be ten money three, and it won't be retail, ok?

I must say that after reading the English side multiple times, I was at a loss for what they were trying to convey.  A perhaps more readable English translation would be “10 yuan for 3 tokens, tokens have no retail value and are non-refundable.”

Enjoy the Engrish ;)

- Todd