Boxes, Boxes Everywhere!

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[Post from March 27, 2011, published August 17, 2011.  I'm so bad about posting!]

Saturday morning the boxes started coming.  They loaded the elevator again and again, and plunked box after box after box onto the floor of our apartment, which seemed to be shrinking.  By 10am we could hardly walk through the apartment.  Every time they brought another box I thought surely it had to be the last.  Nope.  Finally, the boxes stopped coming and the workers asked where to start unpacking.  I was clueless.  After some hemming and hawing I decided to at least do the kitchen and bookcases.  There were shelves to put things.  So we set up 3 bookcases and the workers quickly filled them with our books.  Nevermind that the books were upside down and backwards on the shelves, completely unorganized and chaotic looking.  At least they were out of the boxes.  :)

More boxes!

At the same time the bookcases were being filled, I had Todd in the kitchen with another worker to unpack everything they could.  With 5 or 6 boxes to go, all the cupboards and shelves were full.  Uh oh.

I really don’t know how we had so much stuff, even after selling, giving, storing what seemed like 80% of our possessions b efore the move.  Well, no matter how it happened, it happened and I really couldn’t see how we were going to be able to live here!


- Jill