Holy Guacamole!

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Two Fridays ago Todd and I were out on our weekly date, wandering through Wudaokou.  (Wudaokou is the neighborhood where Google is located here–a hip and happenin’ area near the universities that caters a bit to foreigners.)  Todd met me at the subway station and we started walking.   At about the same moment that he asked where I wanted to eat, I glanced to my right and saw a glorious, shiny new sign.  (I probably noticed it only because I could actually read it; it was in English.)

Avocado Tree

Mexican Food Restaurant 

“Todd!  What’s that?!”  asking the obvious.  “A Mexican food restaurant here in Wudaokou?!”  ( There is Peter’s Tex-Mex here in town, but it’s an hour and 15 minutes from our house–2 subways lines and a taxi ride away.  Not convenient.)  He said he had noticed their grand opening a few weeks before. Then the same thought crossed both our minds.  If it’s called “Avocado Tree” did we dare hope they might have guacamole???

I should explain a little about our love of guacamole here.  We specifically discussed guacamole before moving to China.  And I decided that if we couldn’t find guacamole this wouldn’t be a problem because I know how to make it!  Just give me some avocados and I can whip it up.  What have we discovered since moving here?  No one in China knows what an avocado is, so there is no store we’ve found that sells them.  Ahhh!  So when Todd goes back to the States he eats guacamole for both of us.  And when we traveled home as a family this summer, we ate guacamole to make up for lost time.  Anyway, back to the Avocado Tree…

We decided to give it a shot.  After walking through the small, nondescript entrance we were surprised to find a rather large, exceptionally clean restaurant.  (This is a treat here in China. :) ) After the cleanliness, the second thing I noticed was a big picture of guacamole on the menu!  JACKPOT!  We were almost giddy with excitement.  I say almost because sometimes food here looks American but tastes Chinese.  So, there was no way to be sure if this was Chinese food in a good disguise until we tasted it.  The menu wasn’t huge, but WHO CARES!  It has GUACAMOLE!  We each ordered a burrito with a side of chips, salsa (more like pico de gallo) and GUACAMOLE.  (Sorry, have to keep shouting GUACAMOLE because yes, it IS that exciting!)  We took our first couple bites, and then we really were giddy.  It was not Chinese Mexican food!  (That sounds weird.)

We were so excited about our little discovery that we brought our new friends, the Carters, to try it out the very next night.  (You can read their perspective on dinner here.)  Well, I am really craving guacamole after writing this post, so I think I’m going to end here and stop teasing my stomach. :)  Viva el guacamole!


- Jill