Oh give me a home, where the elderly roam…

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Our Chinese friend, Mary (her English name), invited us to visit a park with her family and some friends.  Todd was in San Francisco so he missed out :(, but she drove the kids and I out to this beautiful little park to feed the ducks and fish.  The grounds were so nice and the weather was perfect!  I love Chinese-style gardens.  There’s almost always a water feature, lots of trees, and sidewalks and meandering stone paths.  Here are some pictures of our little Saturday afternoon outing.

This was such a nice place–clean and quiet with lots of families strolling through.  I also noticed lots of older folks sitting around too, but that’s not unusual in China.  (Everyone is family here, and everyone is always outside hanging around visiting with anyone who happens to pass by.  It seems hardly anyone stays indoors.)  I finally asked Mary what this nice place was exactly.  Surprise!  It was an “old folks” home!  Not the answer I was expecting. :)

- Jill