xīn nián kuài lè!

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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!  The year of the dragon. :)

It’s just after midnight here.  Thought I’d write a quick blog post since none of us will  be going to sleep any time soon!  The fireworks are so incredible!  Constant–literally CONSTANT–popping, bursting, crackling, and whizzing of fireworks.  Not even a fraction of a second between them.  For hours.  And to look out our windows in every direction and see streaks of light and bursts of color over and over and over…is amazing.  You’ve never seen fireworks until you’ve experienced the New Year in China!  Loving it just as much as last year. :)

And for the grand finale, a VIDEO!  I hope this conveys a teensy bit of what it feels like to ring in the New Year in China. :)

- Jill