Bye Bye Warmth! :(

Jill Posted in Uncategorized

The tell-tale gurgling sound has begun…

One interesting thing about living in Beijing (or northern China in general, I think) is the heating.  Each room has a little radiator on the wall and hot water is run through these to heat the apartments.  It actually works really well!  During the coldest time of the year here it doesn’t get above freezing for weeks, yet we haven’t had to use space heaters once this winter.  And a lot of times the kids run around in shorts and no shoes in the house.  It’s that cozy.  (Did I mention our electric bill is next to nothing, too?)

The interesting part is that we don’t have any control over it.  It’s turned on by city on October 15th (or is it November…), and turned off by the city on March 15th.  But…as of 5 minutes ago, I heard all the water draining out of our radiator.  Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.  Somehow we got lucky, and it’s just being turned off today, the 19th.  4 extra days of toastiness this year.  And it snowed yesterday.  Looks like we’ll finally have to turn on those space heaters.  As I think back to last year, I remember that the first few weeks with the heat off felt like the coldest part of the year.  That was when I started doing all the kids’ homeschool reading from under the blankets on my bed.  It was too cold to do it anywhere else in the house!  At least this year I know we have space heaters.  Last year I thought they were air conditioners only, so I never turned them on.  Ha ha!

- Jill