Happy Dragon Boat Festival

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…Which seems like it might be a bit of a misnomer around here since we have yet to see any dragon boat racing.  Based on how I’ve seen people celebrate, I think it might be more suitable to say, “Happy Zongzi Eating Festival!”

Borrowed zongzi picture. Wrapped and unwrapped.

This is a zongzi.  It’s a glutinous/sticky rice ball filled with something yummy, then wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed.  Spencer and Jasmine like them.  The other kids, not so much.  In the north of China they’re generally filled with something mildly sweet (red bean paste, dates, dried fruit, etc.)  In the south they typically have savory fillings.  We like the pork best!

And this is the zongzi eater.

Serious eater.

Serious eater.

Happy eater.

And one more pic...just because he's cute.

- Jill