The Journey Begins

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Waiting at the Albuquerque Airport

My left hand man on the flight!

The journey has officially begun. I’m sitting here at altitude in our first flight, just left Albuquerque five minutes ago on our way to Los Angeles. Trevin is sitting next to me at my left, simply awed by the view at six in the morning seeing the city lights glitter as we leave behind the city, experiences and friendships of the past six years. Michael commented “I’ve never seen Albuquerque from the air, it’s cool!” I must agree – Albuquerque does look rather cool this morning, especially as I look at it through the eyes of our kids for the first time. This is the first flight that Spencer has been on, and Trevin’s first that he’ll remember. I’m feeling rather calm for all the change that we are currently undertaking. Perhaps in some degree I’m still suspending reality in my mind, as Idon’t think it really has hit me fully that I won’t be in Albuquerque any longer, let alone that I won’t be in the United States. I won’t be going into work each day in my own car in a very familiar area, I won’t be frequenting familiar restaurants (although KFC and McDonald’s will still be available in China), I won’t be speaking English with everyone, I won’t … the list goes on.

(landed in LA)

McDonalds @ LAX (aka EXPENSIVE)

Well, one down, two more to go.  We’ll be boarding our next flight at 11am – this one’s the long one.  It’ll be 13 1/2 hours to get from LA to Seoul, Korea.  Fortunately, our plane *should* have personal televisions in each seat, this will be a lifesaver for our family of 7 with 5 kids between 4 and 10.  An aside… we just ate breakfast here in LA from McDonalds – the most expensive McDonald’s breakfast I’ve ever paid for.  Ahh well – at least we are all fed and feeling good :)  Time to head over to our terminal now!

- Todd

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