It is the day that never ends…

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Funny Faces @ LAX

… it will go on and on my friends.  Some people started flying, not knowing how long it’d be, and they just keep on flying forever just because – it is the day that never ends…

Wow – that was one super duper ooper long day.  It started at about 3:30 am in Albuquerque on Tuesday morning, the sun came up at about 6:30 am while on our first flight, and the sun didn’t set until just before we finally arrived three flights later in Beijing on Wednesday evening at 8 pm.  Although the sun was up the entire time as we followed it (or it followed us) from Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening – seems we somehow lost an entire day (or night I guess) in the process.  One tired group of travelers finally arrived at our temporary apartments in Beijing close to 10:30 pm Beijing time.  Boy, were we exhausted.

The Technology that made the 14 hours bearable for all.

Thursday morning has arrived, kids are starting to stir – but made it until just after 6 am, pretty good all things considered.  I’d have to say that although the flights lasted seemingly forever, I’m very impressed with Korean Air.  Each seat back had a personal movie/game/etc… station that made things bearable for each of us on the 14 hour flight.  Plus, the meals were great, and they gave some nice toys and other items to each of the kids on the flight.  Would highly recommend Korean Air for oversea flights – much much better than our experiences on United w/out the aid in having technology for everyone.

Here are a few more photos of the trip:

Michael had the flight attendants serving him the whole flight!

Food on flight.

More Funny Faces @ LAX

Kids give-away from Korean Air

A couple of videos as well:

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