My Morning Commute

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I thought it might be fun to record my commute to work. From stepping out our apartment front door, to entering the front door at work takes me about 30 minutes. So for all of those curious as to what happens in those 30 minutes, wonder no more :) Ok, I’m sure no one was wondering – but hey, for those 1 or 2 that are – here you go!

This morning’s commute (Friday, April 29th) was surprisingly slow (in terms of # of people on the subway). For those who have lived in a big city before, perhaps a subway commute with lots’ of people is normal. But for me – this was a new experience, especially the first few times doing it. It is pretty much the norm for me now though. I am trying to get more Chinese study done during my commute – store new words on my cell phone, and use it to help me review the new characters during the commute. Hopefully it will pay off ;)

Ok – enough of my rambling, now for your viewing pleasure “My Morning Commute”:

- Todd

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