A fun way to travel ;)

Posted by Todd,

Thanks to "Little.Red.Dot.Sg" for the cool photo ;)

A week or two ago I took the girls (Jasmine and Kaylee Ann) out on a daddy-daughter-daughter date outing (Kaylee Ann doesn’t like going out on a date with her dad, so outing will have to suffice). Aside from eating lot’s of yummy stuff, and doing tons ‘o window shopping (we actually purchased some new earrings as well) – we decided to take a more creative way back home rather than walking or taking the bus. Around our neighborhood, and all of Beijing really, there are these motorized trikes. The passenger compartment’s often feel like they’ve just been patched together out of some spare metal and plastic parts. The driver is in the front, with passengers in back – and they typically charge much less than a taxi or taxi-like service in a car. I sincerely doubt they are licensed to be taking passengers around, and are likely not the safest thing to get a ride in, but for us crazy adventurous types I don’t mind using them for short trips when it’s more convenient and of course to top off the end of a wonderful daddy-daughter-daughter outing :) I apologize for the lower quality of this video, but I didn’t have the nicer cell phone with me on this trip :( Enjoy:

- Todd

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