The Girls’ Surprise

Posted by Jill,

Apparently I need to check the girls’ bathroom more often.  It’s upstairs, in their room, and they’re the only ones that use it.  I rarely go in it, maybe once every other week or so just to make sure it looks okay.  (Don’t worry, our ayi at least checks it/cleans it once a week.)  Anyway, I went into the girls room  a few days after we returned from Australia…and found this!

SURPRISE!!!  I have to admit, the LAST thing I expected to find was that the bathroom sink had become this cute little guy’s new HOME!  Yes, he was living in there and the girls (I should say, Kaylee Ann) had been feeding him live beetles everyday.  (Found a tupperware full of those a bit later.)  When we first came home Kaylee Ann did mention she had caught a toad…but I guess I was tired enough that I missed the part about his living quarters.

- Jill

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