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“The Costume Party”

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We had a great day today, and a great night tonight. I love when spontaneous fun just happens :)

It all started when Jasmine got a game out tonight and asked if we could play. I was about to make some cookies (yummy) but told her I’d be happy to join in once I got them in the oven (toaster oven). She then went and asked Michael if he’d play, and Michael just jumped right in and said yes … the game started with Michael and Jasmine and Trevin, while Kaylee Ann and Spencer helped me out in the kitchen with the cookies. Jill was happily playing some wonderful background music on her new piano. This combination of playing games, cookie making, and music playing created what can only be described as the perfect environment for something spontaneous and fun to occur… and that it did.

After the first batch of cookies came out of the oven, Spencer went and put on a costume, and always creative Kaylee Ann decided we’d have a costume party with cookies and dancing. As I pulled the first batch of cookies out of the lil’ oven, I saw Spencer doing some pretty cool dance moves to Kaylee Ann’s drumming. I figured this was looking like something worth capturing, so I started filming the fun. Jasmine and Michael finished their game right about this time, and decided to join in on the costume wearing, cookie eating, dancing party. After recording a few clips – we all decided it would be cool to record one more final clip to post for our friends and family to see. For your viewing enjoyment… drum roll please … The Costume Party (& Dancing & Cookie Eating Party too of course):

This happens to be a bonus post (yes, for those that read this far – you get an extra little bonus – lucky you!). We had so much fun filming our little dance party, and it got me looking at all our videos we’ve taken since arriving in Beijing. I decided to play around with iMovie some more and created a short movie trailer, “Becoming Beijingers.” We hope you enjoy it:

- Todd

Yummy 煎饼 (Jianbing)

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We love eating all variety of tasty treats and snacks from the street vendors in Beijing – but one in particular has become our family favorite – 煎饼 (Jianbing). All the kids love it, as do Jill and I. I’m pretty sure we are not alone – in fact friends of ours we met here in Beijing have also blogged about this great street food.  We decided to get one for everyone and bring them home for part of dinner tonight.  I figured what better way to explain what a Jianbing is then to show you how they are made, right?  Well – here you go, the making of a Jianbing along with some photos of what happens after they are made:

- Todd